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November 19, 2019: Munchkin: Quacked Quest Now Available!

Today is the release day for the long-awaited Munchkin computer game: Quacked Quest from Asmodee! This is a beautifully animated free-for-all for up to four players. It's available for PS4, Steam (PC only), Switch, and Xbox One.

Here's an image so you can see just exactly how "quacked" this game is (and how beautiful the colors are, which scored points with me!). You have a wide choice of race and class combinations, and a lot of very useful treasures to grab. Your objective is to kill monsters and Find The Duck! Any "accidental" pushing of your fellow players into pits is, of course, regrettable.

This is also the day when I'll be part of the Asmodee livestream from Paris – I don't have a URL for it as I type this – so hunt me down and check it out!

-- Steve Jackson


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