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May 8, 2021: Alex Yeager Away!

This story starts with Steve Jackson Games.

My first contact with the hobby game industry was falling hard for the Illuminati: New World Order CCG (although I had also played a lot of Illuminati before then). Through INWO, I met the team at Steve Jackson Games, worked my first convention booth with the staff (showing off this new game called Munchkin), and even got playtest credits on a few things before I joined Mayfair Games for a 13-year career. 

After that adventure, Steve Jackson Games offered me a job handling their events, and we got to see our first company-specific convention (FnordCon), our first independent sales booths at Origins and Gen Con in over 20 years, and one of the industry's first virtual conventions last April. I've shown a lot of people the new Car Wars, played a few games that have yet to see the light of day, and even contributed an article to the recently-released . . . [more]

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