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August 3, 2020: Car Wars: Painting Brimstone

Today I'm covering Brimstone in the first of a series of Car Wars painting articles we're going to be posting over the month of August. Follow the steps and try to recreate them, or just get inspiration for your own autos! Brimstone is part of Car Wars Miniatures Set 3. Click here to preorder Brimstone and all your other Car Wars needs.

By the time I got to Brimstone, I'd painted a lot of the other cars already. I'd wanted at least one car to have a real scrapyard feel. Something that looked like some autoduellists had welded it together from whatever scrap they had laying around. Brimstone, with its seemingly mismatched plates, was ideal for this treatment. One important note, though – this is an early prototype, so don't be alarmed if yours doesn't look exactly like this one.

I use a pushpin glued to unused miniatures bases as a holder to handle all the models I paint. After affixing . . . [more]

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