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October 28, 2020: The Fantasy Trip And Ogre Playmat Scenario Contest

We've produced several different playmats for both The Fantasy Trip and Ogre, and many of you have been collecting the designs and, we hope, using them in your game sessions. However, the most common question we get about them is: How do I use these at my table?

We use the playmats to run custom scenarios, but enough about us.

How do you use the playmats in your games?

Have you created a custom scenario or adventure for use with a specific playmat design? Now's your chance to show it off!

For The Fantasy Trip Playmat Contest, each entry must include:

  • A proper title for the encounter, which playmat you are using, your full name, and your email address.
  • Adventure setup information.
  • The title of the existing playmat design (found here) .
  • Descriptions and minimal game statistics for each area.
  • "Who it's for" recommendations. "Three starting fighters . . .


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