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September 16, 2021: SJ Games At Gen Con 2021!

After a long year off we're back in Indianapolis Thursday, September 16 - Sunday, September 19 for Gen Con! It's been a crazy couple of years, but we're excited to be back at the biggest game convention in North America. We'll be posted up at booth #1201, demoing a ton of recent and upcoming releases like Car Wars Sixth Edition and Munchkin Russia. Of course, we'll be selling games as well, and we'll be including various promo items like dice, cards, and pins with purchases. You can find out more details about those deals below as well as at the booth! Speaking of pins, we're also taking part in the Pin Bazaar, and we've got the all-new Car Wars pin for $10!

We've also got some special events going on at the booth. Randy and Jimmie will be running hour-long blocks of Car Wars Sixth Edition arena battles that you can sign up for at the booth each day. These will be a great way to . . . [more]

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