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August 28, 2016: New Munchkin Promos Available Now

Attention, attention! This is a Public Service Announcement from Steve Jackson Games. Listen, for your own good.

Every time you order something from Warehouse 23, it ships to you with a bunch of cool, free swag! Just because we love you! (And because it's lying around anyway. Please take it away; there's so much of it, oh god, where is my keyboard?) 

Most of the time, that swag includes a random assortment of promo Munchkin cards. That's particularly cool right now, because there's a brand new crop of never-before-seen promotional cards available. They have themes from Star Munchkin Guest Artist EditionMunchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist EditionMunchkin Fu Guest Artist Editionand classic Munchkin.

You could defeat the green, pointy-eared Space Geek, maybe by using the Space Family Peralta. Or call for help on a Jawbone Radio when you're accosted by a Monster by Mail. You may . . . [more]

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