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June 25, 2017: Toy Research Trip!

After several different trips for the office, it is time for a micro-vacation. I'm set to fly out next week for a visit to New York and the Strong Museum. This short trip is both a chance to unwind and an opportunity to explore the Strong's archive of Playthings magazine, over 100 years of toy-industry news in a single location. I have visited the museum before, when a solid day of research uncovered some unexpected sales data and fabulous retailer impressions on toys of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, so I'm excited for another chance to sit down and explore the archives.

I'll also get in a little Steve Jackson Games business, but the primary focus of the journey is seeking information that should help a lot as I work on a new book project. Over the last four years, I've published eight books about toys - and a ninth book is at print right now - and getting time for these personal projects . . . [more]

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