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October 1, 2020: Random Fun Generator Kickstarter Launches On Monday, October 5!

Created during lockdown, the Random Fun Generator is a 7" x 10" wire-bound book packed with over twenty different dice games, all of which use standard six-sided dice! The games were designed and tested over video chat so we know from experience that as long as each player has their own dice at home, every game in the book can be played through your preferred platform. (For some games, it will help if one of the players has a downward-facing camera and manages the shared resources and player scores.)

On Monday, October 5, we will launch the Random Fun Generator campaign on Kickstarter and we hope that many of you will join us. There's a PDF reward level, for those of you who wish to keep the book on your phone or tablet, as well as higher-dollar reward levels that include dice and other dice games. The project will only run for a short time, so please click the green "notify me" . . . [more]

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