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May 25, 2022: SJ Games Not Attending Gen Con & Origins

Steve Jackson Games has made the decision to stay home from Gen Con and Origins this year. While we love to see you all, after a PAX enforcer's death after PAX East, as well as our own staff catching COVID after multiple shows this year already, and the count of cases rising again nationwide, we just couldn't justify it this year. 

Plans are already in motion to return next year, and we're hoping to continue to produce show content digitally as well. Plus, we've still got a full slate of projects for the latter half of the year for everyone to check out, so stay tuned here or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date. We appreciate everyone's understanding, and we'll see you in 2023!

(Yes, Steve will still be making his committed appearances this fall at LibertyCon and DragonCon. And playing games, and demo-ing new games. IN A MASK.)

-- Hunter Shelburne

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