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Steve Jackson's Appearances

Want to meet Steve? Here's a list of conventions he's attending, as well as other events where you can find him and say hello.

Our other staff members make appearances, too – click here for a complete list.

June 30-July 2, 2017
Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga's a great city, LibertyCon is fun – I'm going back. I hope to ride a train or two whilst there.

I'd love to tell you to come, but they are already sold out. So it goes. If you've already got a membership, I will see you there!

August 17-20, 2017
Indianapolis, IN

I expect to be at all four days of Gen Con this year. We'll have a booth and I will be doing a panel on Saturday at noon. It's a historical panel about early Gen Cons: "In the Shadow of the Castle."

We will be running the Munchkin Tavern again, and I'll do a signing there on Saturday night.

There's also going to be a They Might Be Giants concert . . .

Trip Reports
August 4, 2016
Indianapolis, IN

I was at Gen Con for Thursday only. I signed and imbibed in the Munchkin Tavern, hung out in our booth, and checked out the show floor. I got to say hi to Randy Milholland, Howard and Sandra Tayler, Rob and Linda Balder, Phil and Victor Foglio, Bill Fawcett, and a lot of others. Had breakfast with the PSI team and dinner with John Kovalic, and many good evil things were plotted.

Gen Con was huge this year. That show just continues to grow, and we'll continue to come with a big presence.

July 8-10, 2016
Chattanooga, TN

I'm going back to LibertyCon in 2016, because 2015 was so good, it just seemed like the thing to do. Lots of friendly people, fans and guests alike; a fine program and an excellent art show that got its fair share of my money; a traincar hotel room and a dinner train ride (let me stress that the hotel room itself did not go on the train ride); great backup from our local MIBs; and the excellent city of Chattanooga for a background.

See their site at for the very impressive guest list.

June 15-19, 2016
Schaumberg, IL

Just like the past few years, I'll be here with my LEGO geek hat on, exhibiting with the Texas Brick Railroad and PennLUG. Maybe I'll even finish the brick-built Castellan set by then.

February 21-28, 2016
The Caribbean

Last year's JoCo Cruise was an amazing experience. It was my first cruise ever; I met a lot of gamers; I heard a lot of music. I also ate too much, but I am given to understand that that is traditional.

What is the JoCo Cruise? Look here. Or, for those who didn't click the link: it's a week on the Caribbean on a humongous luxurious boat, with some excellent musicians, starting with Jonathan Coulton himself and backed up by Paul and Storm and a lot of other talent. You really ought to go click that link.

While music is The Big Thing on the JoCo Cruise, gaming is The Other Big Thing. There's an active 24-hour game room with frequently-replenished munchies. SJ Games sponsored it last year and is sponsoring it again this year, because it was good. Among other things, that's where I first got to play Splendor. (While I am mentioning things that have bigness, I should point out that writing is also a Big Thing. If you are a would-be writer, please note that there IS a writing track, and that the guests on the cruise include John Scalzi, Patrick Rothfuss, and Wil Wheaton. All of whom can write, and will talk to you about writing.)

But I digress. This year we are doing three special events for the cruise's gaming track: a general "What's New at SJ Games" event at which secrets will be revealed, a status report on the Munchkin Shakespeare brainstorm that we did on last year's cruise, and a NEW brainstorm at which the attendees will get to help me and Andrew rough out a new, NON-Munchkin game.

The fourth of our third events will be a Munchkin playoff. Four aspiring munchkins will win seats at that table during the cruise's earlier gaming events. They will play against me. If I win, I keep the prize.

Last year's cruise was unlike anything I've ever done. I really had no idea what to expect. But I was committed to the 2016 event before the 2015 cruise docked. You really ought to be on board too, but at this point that means you have to have your ticket already, because they are sold out.

November 6-8, 2015
Madison, WI

Gamehole Con is a convention for all types of gaming. All types, do you hear me? They had over a thousand people for 2015. It was friendly, busy, and really engrossing.

One of the things about this show: they invite a LOT of game makers. Madison is very close to Lake Geneva, where so much started, and a lot of the best Gygax-era names come to visit. I saw Ed Greenwood, Tim Kask, Frank Mentzer, Ernie Gygax, Jim Ward, and the creator of some of my very favorite Old Skool games, Tom Wham! Not to mention young whippersnappers like Matt Forbeck, Jonathan Tweet, Jenn Brozek . . . oh, go read the site.

The big disappointment was that John Kovalic was, mostly, not there. I'd looked forward to some quality hanging-out time, but it was mostly not to be. He came down with a stomachache just before the con. A BAD stomachache. A "your gall bladder needs to come out right now, so give us your insurance card and lie down on this here gurney" stomachache. Trouper that he is, John actually showed up for a couple of events, and he had fun. But he was also hurting, and it was good that he spent most of the weekend NOT at the con.

But I did, and I had a great time. I got a stuffed owlbear. Can you say "stuffed owlbear"? I knew you could. I was introduced to Framboise, and I'm going to keep up the acquaintance. A unique event was the con-within-a-con sponsored by The Game Crafter. Aspiring game creators had the chance to learn a lot about prototyping, and a whole lot of other breaking-into-the-business stuff, that I wish I had known 30 years ago, or even 20 or 10. I got to watch some as-yet-unreleased games, including one that we're going to evaluate a bit more at our office.

A standout about this event: it was very sharply organized. As in: there were a couple of site issues that I'm not even going to describe, because in less time than it takes the average event to go "duhhh, is something wrong?" the Gameholers had FIXED things. Big points for that. Not "we'll fix it next year," but "problem is slain NOW, 2,000 XP, go up a level."

All in all, Gamehole Con was a winning event. Two thumbs up.

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