Dungeon Fantasy Companion


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Dungeon Fantasy Companion

Written by Peter V. Dell'Orto, Jason "PK" Levine, Sean Punch, Christopher R. Rice, and Matt Riggsby
Edited by Jason "PK" Levine and Sean Punch * Illustrated by Brandon Moore

78 black-and-white pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock number 01-6098 * ISBN 978-1-55634-822-8
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More Is Better!

The Dungeon Fantasy Companion comprises all three stretch-goal supplements from the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Kickstarter campaign:

  • Traps. Ready-made traps for home-made adventures: nasty gadgets, complicated architecture, hidden poison, malicious magic, and devious tricks.
  • Magic Items. This emporium of enchantment contains wondrous weapons, armor, wands, jewelry, potions, and more, allowing GMs and looters alike to grab and go.
  • Against the Rat-Men. This ready-to-play sequel to I Smell a Rat offers heroes new dangers – and new rewards.

Dungeon Fantasy Companion is intended for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game but would work with GURPS, especially GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.

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