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GURPS Steampunk 1: Settings and Style – Cover

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GURPS Steampunk 1: Settings and Style

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Written by Phil Masters * Edited by Nikola Vrtis
Illustrated by Paul Daly and Ramón Pérez

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

57 pages. PDF. * Price $9.99 * Stock number 37-0339
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GURPS has never run with such mechanical precision before! GURPS Steampunk 1: Settings and Style explores the inner workings of steampunk games.

Get advice for running various models of steampunk campaigns, from a Kipling-inspired "scientific romance" to steampunk anime-style. Find out how to add steampunk technology to your game, with support for styles such as clockpunk, raygun Gothic, and mad biology. Learn about the social and cultural aspects of steampunk, too. Etiquette and status systems, for example, will help players experience the steampunk sensibility.

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