Praise "Bob"!

Worshipped by generations of Norms, Yog-Sothoth controls slackless Normal puppets like the Illuminati and sends hordes of Norms and even Illuminated Ones to plague us! It's FILTH, it is DISEASE, it is time clocks! Fear it! And the hideous Illuminati! The slackless Normals cannot understand the REALITY of Nhee Ghee which, worse even than humans like the Norms, wields ACID-TIPPED electrical razor-edged CORKSCREWS and is pure AntiSlack! Praise "Bob!" You'll WISH you were dead when those CLAWS grab your soul! Listen to that FootGland and you'll see that the miraculous Janor Device, with your CHOICE of mutated partners, or ALONE if you prefer, is not, and yet at the same time, IS, inspired by the Third Nostril and is part of the genetic heritage of the ancient Yetis!

Does this make NO SENSE to you?

Is this your first exposure to the Word of "Bob"?

Maybe you need to learn MORE. It depends on how you react to these electronically generated yet DIVINELY AUTHENTIC spews of TRUTH. Did you find them meaningless and annoying, or strangely compelling?

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