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Everything We've Ever Released

This table, taken from our planning database, shows every game, supplement, book, or other product we have ever released, and gives its status:

  • In Print - Physically available from us and/or our distributors. The price shown is the suggested retail price for the most recent edition.
  • Digital - Available as a download from e23. The price shown is the current price (excepting temporary sales).
  • Out Of Print - No longer available from us and/or our distributors. Look for it at convention or Internet auctions, or check with dealers in out-of-print games.
  • Coming Soon - We have announced this product and actually sent it to the printer, so we can reasonably expect that it will be out before long.

Promotional items like posters, bookmarks, imprinted giveaways, and so on are not listed here. Most were available for only a short time.

Because this is a live report from our planning DB, it should always be up to date, especially as regards new products. However, because the database is not always updated immediately when an old item goes out of print, you may sometimes see an incorrect "In Print" status. If this list says that something is in print, but Warehouse 23 says it's is out of print, believe Warehouse 23.

If you find a problem with this information, send e-mail to, and we'll check it.

In Print OnlyDigital OnlyAvailable OnlyOut of Print OnlyComing Soon OnlyEverything!
Stock Number Title Line Status Price

1251 Conspiracy Theory COMING SOON! [buy] $29.95
4501 Munchkin Collectible Card Game Booster Munchkin COMING SOON! [buy] $3.95
4504 Munchkin Collectible Card Game Cleric & Thief Starter Set Munchkin COMING SOON! [buy] $19.95
4501-D Munchkin Collectible Card Game POP Display Munchkin COMING SOON! [buy] $94.80
4503 Munchkin Collectible Card Game Ranger & Warrior Starter Set Munchkin COMING SOON! [buy] $19.95
4502 Munchkin Collectible Card Game Wizard & Bard Starter Set Munchkin COMING SOON! [buy] $19.95
3937 Munchkin Special Delivery Munchkin COMING SOON! [buy] $45.00
10-7012 Ogre Miniatures Armory Set 1 Ogre COMING SOON! [buy] $100.00

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