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May 15, 2017: Announcements For September

What light through yonder window breaks? It is Munchkin Shakespeare, and Muertoons is the sun! Ok, so that quote doesn't exactly work, but the takeaway is that you can find these games on the shelves of your friendly local game store this September. 

Munchkin Shakespeare DeluxeMunchkin Shakespeare Deluxe

The pen is mightier than the sword . . . if you have a big enough pen.

Munchkin Shakespeare takes players into the breach, once more. Use your Shake Spear to Break the Fourth Wall, Praise Caesar, and Fake Your Death! This set is Much Ado About Nothing and can be played as a stand-alone game for up to 6 players, or used to add a touch of "drama" to any Munchkin game.

The set was crowdsourced from Munchkin fans during JoCo Cruise 2015, and turned into a highly successful Kickstarter project. You can read more about the design and development process in our Kickstarter updates, or our three Medium articles!

Munchkin Shakespeare Staged DemoMunchkin Shakespeare Staged Demo

All the world's a stage for your Munchkin demo!

Have friends who love Shakespeare but have never tried Munchkin? Sure, you do! Use the 17 cards in this booster, taken from Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe but with alternate art from comic illustrator Lar deSouza, to set up a short demo to introduce friends (or foes!) to the wacky world of Munchkin.

This is an expansion for Munchkin Shakespeare. It is not a stand-alone game. This is NOT a collectible or randomized set. Every Staged Demo pack is the same as every other.


Tio Rico's up to his old tricks!

You and your friends are looking for the Día de los Muertos celebration. But grumpy Tio Rico hates the noise and lights of Día de los Muertos, so he stole the signs pointing to the party. Luckily, the Muertoons can show you the way. Play the numbered cards in the right order; the first person to discard all their cards leads their friends to the celebration!

Look for all this and more at your local game store later this year!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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