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In 2085, armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks, and infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's a giant cybernetic tank bristling with guns and missiles.

It's the Ogre.

Ogre, initially released in 1977, was Steve Jackson's first game design. It is now available in three forms:

  • A large-format boardgame, Ogre Sixth Edition.
  • Rules for play with miniatures, the award-winning Ogre Miniatures. A variety of plastic units are available.
  • The Ogre video game on Steam.

  • Ogre News

    February 15, 2019: Iron Mountain Redux & the "Secret" 1983 Ogre Supplement!

    It is with great pleasure that I'm announcing the return of "Iron Mountain", the iconic story and scenario that helped propel Ogre forward in 1977. Not only has it been upgraded to Ogre SIxth Edition standards, but it has new art and new counters for use in the game. This edition of "Iron Mountain" will be included in the forthcoming Ogrezine II. Speaking of counters, not only may images of these be found in the scenario PDF, but they have been included on some of the extra counter sheets contained in the forthcoming Battlefields expansion set. For those with crafting skills, you may download PDFs of these counter sheets here and use them to reskin the Nightfall counter sheets. For those that are a "mite challenged" in that field, we are still accepting pre-orders for Battlefields, where you can get the actual counter sheets (and so much more!). The pre-order link may be accessed through the Kickstarter campaign page.

    In other Ogre-related Kickstarter news, I'm sure you all are aware that we have a Kickstarter underway for the Pocket Box Games of the '80s. To date, the following Ogre games are available:

    • Ogre (including die-cut counter sheets in addition to the original uncut ones)
    • G.E.V. (including die-cut counter sheets in addition to the original uncut ones)
    • Battlesuit (including die-cut counter sheets in addition to the original uncut ones)
    • Shockwave
    • Ogre Reinforcement Pack

    Now you can replace (or acquire!) these games in a small, portable size that may have been lost or damaged over the years. But I'd like to point out some other Ogre-related items included in this campaign, both old and new, including the "hidden" Ogre supplement from the early '80s. That's right, yet another addition to the game!

    There are currently 11 other Pocket Box Games listed in the Kickstarter in additon to the first three on the list above. Of these 11, the game Necromancer is actually a secret Ogre expansion! Sure, it is a fun game about wizards duelling with undead armies, but there is a scenario designed to use the Necromancer map in an Ogre game. Detailing rules for terrain elevation and cliffs, it is a unique (if unofficial!) variant on the game. Titled "Badlands", it has long been available on our Ogre Scenarios page; check it out.

    Some new material for Ogre in the campaign includes empty Pocket Boxes to help store all of your old Ogre material plus any new items you choose to put in them (record cards, extra dice, etc.). But what fun are plain black boxes? So there are new stickers to dress up these storage boxes. The first Ogre sticker shown is included in the Ogre Pocket Box, and the Battlesuit sticker is a currently locked stretch goal for inclusion with Battlesuit, although we are getting close to it. A possible third sticker under consideration as still another stretch goal is the orange cover depticted.

    A Battlesuit 9" by 12" pocket folder and die-cut counters for Shockwave and Ogre Reinforcement Pack are even more upcoming stretch goals.

    And this doesn't even touch on all of the Car Wars, Illuminati, and so many more games and supplements available in the campaign. Click over to the campaign and take a trip down memory lane if you're a grognard like me, or discover what your Dad has been keeping from you for all of these years. There is just so much Ogre available that being able to acquire all of the rest feels almost unfair!

    -- Drew Metzger

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