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October 16, 2017: And Ogre Grinds On

Greetings, everyone! First, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to Steve's Daily Illuminator post earlier today announcing the Kickstarter for Ogre Miniatures Set 2. We're doing things a little differently this time but I think you all will like it. Be sure to mark November 13th on your calendar for the start of the Kickstarter - that's only 29 days from now! Plus there is a sweet Fencer-B all dolled up by Ben Williams; that alone is worth clicking over to the post!

Next, I'd like to point out an article titled "Closing the Gap" posted on our site helping Ogre Sixth Edition owners bring their sets up on par with Ogre Designer's Edition. This is not one of the Ogrezine articles but rather just a primer for those seeking to beef up their Ogre Sixth Edition. Some of the scenarios published in our Ogre Scenario Books require units or structures that are not found in Ogre Sixth Edition or Ogre Reinforcements; now everyone can make easily make use of those scenarios. Note that a Kickstarter for Battlefields is anticipated at some point next year which will have many of these "missing" units as well.

Speaking of Ogrezine, we should have the first article posted later this week. I've received a lot of great concepts and a number of wonderful articles. But there is still time to send me your ideas! Check out the Writer's Guidelines and send me your outlines pronto.

Finally, perhaps you've heard of this little thing called Ogre over on Steam? The computer game by Auroch Digital was released on October 5th and is generating lots of buzz as well as getting generally fantastic reviews. I'm pleased to see that the campaign based in the Nightfall period of the Factory States is being well received. The boardgame Nightfall campaign is still on my desk too and not forgotten! But everyone can get an idea of where we're going with it via the computer game. If that wasn't enough, Auroch Digital recently let slip that Ogre will soon be coming to Mac users as well. How great is that?

Ogre's 40th Anniversary may be slowly coming to an end, but don't think we're slowing down here at CP Fnord. There is a LOT more Ogre-related goodness headed your way. This party is only getting better . . .

-- Drew Metzger

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What is Ogre?

Ogre and its sequel, G.E.V., are tactical ground combat games set in the late 21st century. In 2085 A.D., armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks and infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's the giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre.

Ogre was Steve Jackson's first design. It was originally released in 1977, as the first Metagaming Microgame. Since then, it has appeared in Pocket Box and "Deluxe" large-board editions, as well as a miniatures version and a computer game from Origin Systems (now long out of print).

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