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Ogre Scenarios

Scenarios written for the original Ogre and G.E.V. games can easily be translated into the miniature version, and vice versa. They're listed here according to the system for which they were first written.

Kickstarter Stretch Goal Scenarios

Ogre Designer's Edition Scenario Contest Finalists



  • Exercise K, by Steve Jackson – Before being downloaded into their formidable BPC shells, upgraded Ogre AIs undergo rigorous field tests on virtual battlefields within the Combine's most powerful supercomputers. This scenario recreates such electronic wargames as several Ogres play out survival of the fittest millions of times per second.
  • Free For All – This is an all-day Ogre Miniatures scenario for two teams and many players.
  • Under the Sea – A scenario which takes place under the sea, of course. Fishtanks recommended.
  • The Nihon Invasion of San Francisco, by Keith Johnson – A Deluxe G.E.V. scenario which uses USGS aerial photography of the San Francisco Bay Area for the map.

The Last War

  • The Last War: A one-way ticket to the Front – an introduction to the world of Ogre.
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