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Contact Us

How To Reach Steve Jackson Games

Phone Number:
Fax Number:
General Email Address:
Postal Mailing Address:* PO Box 18957
Austin TX 78760
Shipping Address:*
3735 Promontory Point Drive
Austin, TX 78744
Product Ordering:Warehouse 23
* Please do NOT send U.S. mail to the shipping address, because it may never get here.

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Website Comments

General comments and feedback about our website should go to

Support For Our Games

GURPS has its own contact information page.

If you have a rules question about any other game, check out the netreps page and forums. Please note: We don't answer individual rules questions by email. We ask that you read that game's FAQ, if one exists, and then post the question to the game's official forum or mailing list so everyone can benefit.

Several of our games have their own mailing lists, and GURPS has its own Usenet newsgroup and forum - the netrep page points to all these.

To Check or Report Errata

Part of our support for our games is to admit it when we made a goof – and provide the correct information. If you think you have spotted an actual error in a game, please check the errata pages first to see if it's already listed. If it's not, please notify the Errata Coordinator!

Writers and Artists

Damaged or Incomplete Products

If you open one of our games and it's not complete, or if you get a book with missing pages, or if you encounter any similar printing or assembly problem with a new product, contact us at

Retailer and Distributor Support

If you are a retailer or distributor, whether you already carry our line or would like to start, contact our Sales Manager. Retailers may also want to check our Online Distributor Locator.

Everything Else

  • Job Openings: Opportunities, freelance and otherwise, at SJ Games.
  • Warehouse 23: Questions and comments about our online retail store, and inquiries about orders you have placed there.
  • SJ Games Convention Support: If you're running a convention, this will get you to our Convention Manager. Questions and comments about our convention appearances, and our support for conventions where we won't attend in person. Also, check the Online Convention Registry.
  • Netcell: To report illegal downloads, sales of scans or photocopies of our products, or violations of our Online Policy send email to
  • General SJ Games Questions: All your other questions about us and our company . . . anything that doesn't fit into the above categories.
  • The Staff List, and the Netreps who volunteer

Steve Jackson Games
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